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Basic Chemistry 1
Introduction to the atom, Orbitals, Electron Configurations, Valence, Groups of the Periodic Table, Periodic Table Trends, Ionization, Other Periodic Table Trends, Electronegativity, metallic nature and atomic radius, Ionic, Covalent, and Metallic Bonds, Introduction to ionic, covalent, polar covalent and metallic bonds. Molecular and Empirical The Mole and Avogadro's Formula from Mass Balancing chemical ,Stoichiometry  , Ideal Gas Equation

Basic Chemistry 2

 States of Matter  , Specific Heat, Heat of Fusion ,Chilling Water ,Phase Diagrams  ,Van Der Waals Forces  Covalent Networks, Metallic, and Ionic , Vapor Pressure  , Suspensions, Colloids and Solutions  ,Solubility  Boiling Point Elevation and Freezing Point Suppression , Introduction to Kinetics  ,Reactions in equilibrium,  Keq Intuition, Heterogeneous Equilibrium  Chatelier's Principle

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