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Basic Chemistry 3
Introduction to pH, pOH, and pKw  ,Acid Base Introduction ,pH, pOH of Strong Weak acis , Conjugate Acids and Bases, pKa and pKb  Buffers ,Buffers and the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation Strong Acid Titration  Strong acid titration and equivalence point Half Equivalence  Titration Oxidation States  Redox Reactions Galvanic Cells  Types of Decay   Types of Decay Alpha, Beta, Gamma Decay and Positron Emission Exponential Decay Formula Proof
Basic Chemistry 4
Macro states and Microstates, Quasi static and Reversible Processes  First Law of Thermodynamics/ Internal Energy ,Work from Expansion  ,PV-diagrams and Expansion Work  , Work Done by Isothermic Process  ,Carnot Cycle and Carnot Engine ,Volume Ratios in a Carnot Cycle, Thermodynamic Entropy Definition Clarification  ,Reconciling Thermodynamic and State Definitions of Entropy, Entropy Intuition, Maxwell’s Demon ,Efficiency of a Carnot Engine, Hess’s Law and Reaction Enthalpy Change, Gibbs Free Energy and Spontaneity
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